A Time to Advance, by Chuck Pierce with Robert & Linda Heidler, will help you understand how God, from the past, develops His whole conquering army for today. You will also gain understanding on how each part moves together, as well as the redemptive quality of God's covenant plan for Israel. This will help ground you on how we are grafted into a movement in days ahead. As you learn to think like God thinks and study the Hebrew tribes and months, you will receive prophetic understanding of how the Lord orders your steps throughout the year. You will also see your place in God's next Triumphant Reserve that is rising in the Earth today.

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With this powerful and inspirational book, Dixie Diamanti invites you to join her in a closer walk with Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and she gives you exciting tools from her own stories to accomplish this. All of her observations and suggestions come directly from her own experiences – positive, negative, and confusing – and all are offered to the reader with respect and love. In her transparency, Dixie shares her vulnerability with the reader. You’ll be moved to tears by some of her experiences, and will embrace the lessons she has learned along her life journey. You’ll be caught up in her humor as she relates her stumbles and falls (literally and figuratively), and you’ll laugh with her. Most of these chapters are based on the blogs Dixie has been writing for several years.

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The only book of its kind. The author connected the dots to reveal the California God founded. 240 pages of incredible history and romance showing the tapestry of God in the establishment of California as the world leader in spiritual things and many secular arenas.

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Revealing Heaven Book I and II

If you have always wondered about Life after Death, this is the book for you ! It will Amaze, Delight and give you Hope for Eternity. Don’t just read about Heaven; ‘see’ what it has to offer those who choose to go there by accepting Jesus as their Savior (John 3:16 & 17). You will be surprised when you learn what God has prepared for His people. The bible says, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him. But God has revealed them unto us by His Spirit….”

About the Book

      Pal is a dog who has just discovered that she has entered the eternal realm and she is utterly amazed at what she is beholding as she sees heaven for the first time. She expresses her amazement throughout this fun narrative describing awesome places that we one day will be able to share with her.

     Join Pal as she meets old friends, walks down streets that are gold, climbs huge mountains that emanate spicy aromas, and dives off colorful waterfalls.Discover the supernatural marvels of heaven as she finds out just how immense and fun it is in her new home.

    Open your heart and your mind as you follow Pal on adventures you could only dream of in a world far more interesting than you can imagine.

    Filled with fun, faith and freedom, this is a book for anyone who shares in God's love for the wonderful animals He gives us as companions. Find rest, peace and encouragement in the very real future that awaits every believer- one that includes your beloved pets.

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In Proverbs 4:23, we are given the warning by God to “guard your heart,  for it determines the course of your life.” What does guarding your heart really mean? Is it possible to find the balance of protecting our mind, body, and spirit from the things that would hinder our walk of faith, while still remaining open enough to the experiences God intends to use, to nurture us? The answer is yes! The work of learning to “guard your heart” is about getting familiar with what the “heart,” referred to in scripture, truly is – the emotional and spiritual core of our being. In this book, you will become equipped with the tools and ability to continue your walk with Christ with a renewed strength and awareness.

 Learn to develop new ways of speaking, thinking, and seeing the world around you, which will directly affect the health and well-being of your heart, as well as take you to a place of deeper peace and closeness to God. Full of heartfelt personal anecdotes, as well as precise and powerful scriptural wisdom that applies directly to our lives, today, this book will inspire and motivate the healing within your heart that God wants for us all.

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Climbing Out of the Box is a totally honest, deeply-felt memoir written by a courageous woman who has not only survived, but triumphed over, childhood sexual abuse, a dysfunctional family, loss of identity, rejection, self-denial, divorce, and spiritual abuse. Now a successful Certified Life Coach, author, and speaker, Dixie Diamanti has so much to teach us about childhood and adult struggles – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual -- and the often-precarious journey from unsatisfying religious practices to a true and enriching relationship with Jesus. You will laugh, wince, cry, and be inspired as you walk with Dixie on her path from darkness to light, from captive to free and fulfilled child of God. A compelling story all spiritual seekers should read!

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