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Hand made Prophetic Jewelry by Bernadette “JOY” Elder, carries the Anointing that breaks the yoke. Peter & Paul gave used handkerchiefs that were anointed to bring healing to people. These handmade pieces are my way of bringing heaven to earth to operate. She releases the Anointing oil of joy & healing over her jewels, She releases the FIRE OF LOVE into each piece and DECREES as the Blood Bought Daughter of the MOST-HIGH ONLY LIVING GOD that anyone who wears this anointed jewelry will rise- up into their destiny and become the living testimonies of the Saving Power of Jesus Christ. Joy uses Colors Prophetically, as each one has a spiritual meaning to it. Each of the colors of the rainbow is connected to the 7 Spirits burning before the Throne of God. The Spirit of Wisdom is connected to Orange, the Spirit of Counsel is connected to green, the Spirit of Understanding is connected to yellow, the Spirit of Might is connected the color Teal or light blue, the Spirit of Reverential & Obedient Fear of the Lord is connected to purple and the Spirit of the Lord or Prophecy (Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy) is connected to the Color Red. All these pieces come with an identity prophetic description. 

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